Welcome to SWit'CH

We are a friendly group of writers and associated talents, meeting Wednesdays at 

Age UK internet cafe in Critchley House 75 Chorley Road Swinton M27 4AF.

Come and join us for a couple of shared hours between 2 and 4 pm on Wednesday.

We have been delighted and honoured to work in partnerships with AGE UK,  Holy Rood Church and Salford Talking News, reading members' work to the monthly magazine for the visually impaired, St Anne's Hospice Little Hulton and Humphrey Booth Resource Centre Swinton in Salford. 

We are also in partnership with Salford CVS

Switch On, Write On Read On..  has now been published as our first group showcase.  Available through usual on-line sources,

inspiring pictures - or not
  • Rylands Library 2018

    I hadn’t realised that one title out of the hundreds of thousands books at John Ryland’s library would lodge like a voracious grub in
    my mind.  An earworm is an irritating catchy tune that is impossible to shake from your head.  So it was with insistent and persistent bookworm.
    There was nothing ostentatious about the insignificant looking volume tucked away in an alcove of the reading room during the SWit’CH
    visit to John Ryland’s Library on 13 June.  It wasn’t large or thick, it wasn’t leather bound and gold blocked, not even brightly coloured to catch the eye.  It was no more than the title that initially lodged itself in my subconscious mind, looking for a memory to bind to.  At the time I read the spine, I wasn’t even aware that it was buried amongst my synapses. It was at work infecting my reminiscences as our party toured and explored the sumptuous reading room, sating our senses.  Satisfied at an innocent superficial level, we had no need to dwell on the sublime.  The sights, the smell, the tactile pleasure and subtle echo from the Polish Oak and Shawk red sandstone rooms and corridors were delightful in their own right.  It wasn’t necessary to dwell over to enjoy the delicate experience of being there.  So I did not revisit the book for further enlightenment and the worm ploughed on secretly.
    Some hours later, as I reflected on the pleasure of the visit, the worm exposed himself in my awareness, demanding recognition.  The title I had read meant something to me, but what?  It was quirky – perhaps an old Radio 4 Book of the Week, like oddly titled stories such as Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, or Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, or A Short History of Tractors in the Ukraine.  Nor could I
    associate it with an unread classic by Dickens, Scott, Austen or any of the major English writers.  But these are fiction and the section of the library was surely not.  Nor could I remember any details of the story hiding behind the enigmatic title.  And then another piece of the conundrum dropped in. The having teased me so far, worm identified the author. The writer and his work welded together by an immediate unbreakable bond.  With the complementary author I felt I was making progress. But what could I dredge from my years of reading?  What did I know covertly of the book? I mentioned the book to friends and family who usually responded with an instant retort naming the author, followed by a suggestion that it could have featured in an old TV advertisement.  This explained why nobody had read it but everybody knew it.  It must have been an imaginary creation of a cover only and this image was used in some campaign many years ago.  But I had seen the book ‘Fly Fishing’ on a bookshelf in the metaphorical flesh.  The mystery deepened. 
    Ultimately, last resort research with Google and Wikipedia revealed that “Fly Fishing” by J R Hartley was written retrospectively after the fame of the Yellow Pages advert from the 1980s. 

  • NAWG Award 2017

    One of our writers was awarded a Highly Commended in the 2017 NAWG competition for 
    1958 (A Memoir) which focuses on teenage life in the Rock n Roll age
    Printed in full on the project page.

  • Fairytale Farm

    This was the inspiration for the story, You Know What!,  printed in projects

  • Swit'CH On published

    The group first anthology has been published. 
    The anthology is a collection of nearly sixty fictional stories, poems and scripts penned by the writers, on topics ranging from teenage dating in the 1958, to the parody experience of an immigration officer in Hastings in 1066.  Their work is complemented by illustrations
    from ‘Paint Pots and Pencils’, St. John’s Church, Irlams o’ th’Height.  
    The anthology was launched at Salford’s Big Day Out in Swinton, on Saturday 17 th September.
    Founder Bill Cameron said: “I’m delighted at the rapid progress of a loose group of individuals, having fun and writing to the point where we have published ‘Switch On, Write On, Read On’.  I believe this has met our aim to deliver a well-written showcase of a wide variety of work.
    Centre Manager at Age UK, Swinton, Nichola Swettenham said: “It has been wonderful to watch SWit’CH group grow in confidence, members and skill over the past 18 months. Following an initial discussion with Bill, the idea has been quickly brought to life. The group are building a strong reputation in the Salford area by reading their works for other local charities and at events, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for SWit’CH!”
    It is available through Amazon, Lulu and major book distributors

  • Alan launches his memoirs

    SWit'CH writer Alan Rick has published his memoirs "My Life and Other Misadventures" March 2016.  The amusing compilation of his early life exploits from childhood, through the Blitz and into National Service offer a light-hearted entertainment. Available from SWit'CH directly or Amazon in illustrated hardback or electronic Kindle formats..

  • Alan on the 'wireless'

    Alan read out on Salford local radio some abstracts from his memoirs, homing in on his amusing national service adventures in Egypt.
    on Saturday May 21st,
    SWit'CH writers Bill and Alan were interviewed by Joe Barnwell on his 'Something Old Something New' programme monthly special for armed forces veterans.

  • Dementia Awareness Week

    We wanted to help with DAW 2016 and were honoured to be invited to write appropriately and read out at Humphrey Booth Resource Centre in Swinton.  On Friday 20th May, SWit'CH members entertained staff, carers and dementia sufferers with commissioned nostalgia stories and memoirs.
    A similar divertissement was delivered at Critchley House on Wednesday 18th to an audience from Age UK.

  • Read out at St Ann's Hospice

    A warm welcome from the staff made the read-out at St Ann's Little Hulton an enjoyable February afternoon for Lily & John, Mary, Alan, Barry, Bill and Shaun.
    Alan read abstracts from his memoirs "My Life and Other Misadventures" - now available on Kindle.

  • STN reading January 2016

    Lily, John, Alan, Bill and Barry laid down nearly twenty of their own and other group members' pieces at a recording session in January for the SALFORD TALKING NEWS monthly magazine,  On the table is the Mayor's Citizen Award to the Talking Newspaper "in respect of the commitment, dedication and unwavering volunteering for the blind, partially sighted and otherwise reading disabled people of Salford."

  • Ordsall Hall

    The trip to Ordsall Hall inspired some intriguing pieces.

  • Critchley House garden

    We spent a few afternoons writing in the idyllic gardens at Critchley House and supported the official opening with a read-out.

  • Christmas Party 2015

    Smashing Party at Critchley house with special guests Lizzie, Wendy and Mary and from All Write on th'Height

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Switch writers gather in the garden at Critchley House cafe.